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AVAILABLE Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale


The Mini Aussiedoodle stands out as a pinnacle of designer breeds, catering to the diverse needs of modern families. This breed's hallmark is its profound intelligence, a trait passed down from its Australian Shepherd and Poodle lineage, making it a standout option for families seeking a smart, trainable companion. Beyond their cleverness, Mini Aussiedoodles are incredibly sociable and affectionate, eagerly participating in family activities and forming strong bonds with both adults and children. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various lifestyles, particularly thriving in active households where their playful and energetic nature can be fully embraced. Whether you're an adventurous family or one that enjoys the simple pleasures of home life, the Mini Aussiedoodle offers the perfect blend of intellect, affection, and versatility. See available Aussiedoodle puppies for sale below.

Adult Weight:
15-35 pounds
Adult Height:
12-25 inches
Life Expectancy:
10-14 years


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