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Cavapoo Lilly


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    • Unlimited Virtual Access to Certified Dog Trainers/Behavioralist.
    • Proviable-DC: Digestive Health Supplement, Probiotic and Prebiotic.
    • Fenbendazole De-wormer: Preventative to eliminate common parasites and worms.
    • Kaopectolin: To be given only if your puppy has loose bowels or an upset belly
    • 2-lb Purina ProPlan Shredded Chicken & Rice Puppy Food
    • 3-Gerber Chicken Baby Food Jar (small breeds only)
    • 1- Soft Puppy Food (small breeds only)
    • 3-3cc Syringes of Karo Syrup (small breeds only)

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    Your puppy already has a microchip. By enrolling the microchip you will be identified as your puppy’s owner, which ensures that you can be contacted immediately once your lost pet is found.

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    The Training Bundle includes two puppy teething rings, freeze-dried beef liver training treats, and an 8oz bottle of no-chew spray. These are the same products that we use in our Puppy Preschool training program.


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Lilly's Information

Cavalier X Mini Poodle

Birth Date:
5/15/2024 (9 weeks)
Red and White
Available 8/3/2024
Est Adult Weight:
Current on all vaccines

PLEASE NOTE: Our website is always up to date. A puppies profile will automatically be removed once the puppy is adopted. Pickup can be arranged on date available or within 4 days thereafter.


[1] Dewormer - Pyrantel for 1 day: 05/29/2024
[1] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 06/12/2024
[2] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 06/26/2024
[1] Nobivac Canine Dappv: 07/03/2024
[1] Nobivac Intra-Trac3 Intranasal Bordetella/Kennel Cough: 07/10/2024

List of Inspection Points:

Skin and coat



The Cavapoo, a delightful crossbreed between the Cavalier Spaniel and the Poodle, encapsulates the ideal balance of physical allure and mental acuity. With their endearing round faces and expressive floppy ears, these hybrids instantly appeal to all who meet them. But the Cavapoo's allure is not merely skin deep; their proficiency in competitive obedience is a testament to their sharp minds and eagerness to engage in both learning and play. This blend of attributes makes the Cavapoo exceptionally adaptable, capable of thriving in a variety of settings, from the tranquility of a quiet apartment to the spirited energy of a family home. They seamlessly integrate into the daily rhythm of their owners' lives, whether that involves active play outdoors or peaceful relaxation indoors. Cavapoos embody the essence of companionship, offering a unique combination of intelligence, loyalty, and emotional support that makes them not just pets, but lifelong friends.

Adult Height:
9 - 14 inches
Life Expectancy:
12 - 15 years

Mother: Mini Poodle Color: Apricot Weight: 10lbs

Father: Cavalier Color: Ruby Weight: 19lbs

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